We are so excited that the founder of our Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics feeding division was featured on The Comfort Food Podcast with Virginia Sole-Smith and Amy Palanjian. Virginia Sole-Smith is the author of one of our favorite new books, The Eating Instinct. Amy is the founder of Yummy Toddler Food, a parent blog that provides picky eating advice and healthy, easy toddler recipes.

The Comfort Food Podcast is a podcast about feeding your children and taking care of yourself as a parent. The podcast also discusses picky eaters and fighting back against the diet culture. This week’s episode featured the founder of Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics and Spectrum Pediatrics, Jennifer Berry. Jennifer is an occupational therapist who created the Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics feeding and tube weaning programs to help children establish a positive relationship with food and become happy and healthy eaters.

This episode discusses why kids sometime refuse dinner, strategies to make this less frustrating, and the best way to tackle grazing or snacking after a meal. Jennifer discusses why it is important to let your child refuse and teach them to listen to their own body. Children are able to recognize their own hunger, and this is a crucial part of child development. This can be hard as a parent, but Jennifer talks through various strategies that might be helpful to you at your family table!

To listen to the most recent episode of the Comfort Food podcast go to their website here or use this link in iTunes here!

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