“We used Spectrum Pediatrics to wean our son off his feeding tube when he was about 9 months old, over one year ago. It was an incredible success, he was eating 100% by mouth within mere days of beginning the program. And here we are, over a year later, with a thriving kid who LOVES to eat! The program was perfectly centered around his needs with a lot of attention given to us as the parents as well. We felt confident in returning home after the 10 day intensive phase because we had therapists at the ready via e-mail and phone for months after the initial weaning process. They walked us through each step and have "seen it all" so totally knew what to expect for our little guy as he learned how to eat. I would do it all again in a heartbeat; there is nothing better than being able to live a normal life with our son, out and about enjoying good food!”
H. Reid
“We are tube free!!! My personal journey makes me optimistic about how Spectrum Pediatrics would touch other families and put them on a path to their dreams of being tube fee and creating healthy eating habits.......They are an extraordinary team that became an invaluable part of our family. Thank you so very much.”
Rebecca P.
“Do not lose hope. Do not think that your child will throw up and be tube fed forever! Call their tube weaning program TODAY. The staff is amazing and the results are even better. A year and a half later our child is still a happy enthusiastic eater who has gained so much weight eating orally. She is normal and we are so grateful!”
Rachel B.
“During the home wean, I was hopeful and scared. Spectrum--Heidi and Jennifer, specifically--acted as an encouraging, stabilizing guide to safely help me wean my son. They were patiently and professionally involved every single step of the way, including post-wean follow-up. I absolutely could not have weaned my son without them! As time has passed I see that I need not have been scared. The hunger wean process with Spectrum is evidenced-based, safe, and thorough. With the tube gone, we've been able to heal and bond more closely as a family. Spectrum gave me back a piece of my Motherhood. I am eternally grateful!”
Stephanie V.
“ Thanks for teaching us so much and being a huge part of making our family happier and healthier than we’ve been in a long time”
Katie C.
My best friend was asking how the program was going. I told him it was “life-changing.”
“The Spectrum team (especially the Owner, Jennifer) were very professional and caring throughout the entire processes. They were also available and reachable whenever we had questions whether it was before the wean, during, or several months after. They truly care about the kids they work with.”
Amy B.