Feeding Tube to Family Table

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

The Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics Tube Weaning Program focuses on the importance of establishing a strong foundation before expecting any progress in skill development, variety, or intake. The foundational pieces include Do No Harm, Build Trust, and Create Responsive Mealtimes. After building … Read More

Responsive Feeding Therapy

By: Jennifer Berry, MS, OT/L and Heidi Moreland MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CLC

We know that adult directed food interactions, pressure, and rewards can be damaging to a child’s relationship with food, but we are often at a loss for what else to do as parents and therapists when our little ones struggle with eating.  Responsive … Read More

The Cart Before The Horse: Why do you feel stuck?

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

A common mistake made by well-meaning therapists and parents is trying to work on oral motor skill development before they work on a child’s trust and understanding of food. These programs start therapy with a focus on the “how” to eat … Read More

The Thrive Parent’s Bill of Rights

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

Kiddos with a medically complex history often have many providers that each have a specialty in a different area.  In order for this to work well, there needs to be someone who can pull it all together.  In our program, we have had … Read More

Where Should Feeding Therapy Take Place?

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

Think about where your kiddo is most comfortable and feels safe…at home! Feeding therapy should take place in the environment where your child feels comfortable. The clinic setting is one of the most common and traditional approaches to feeding therapy and … Read More

Reframing Refusal: What do you do when your child rejects food?

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

When your child flat out refuses to eat or eats very little it can make you worry about their energy, growth, sleep and health.  While this worry is completely normal it is helpful to keep in mind that it is also completely … Read More

Tube to Table: Episode 43: The Thrive Parent’s Bill of Rights

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

In this week’s episode of Tube to Table, Jennifer and Heidi are discussing the Thrive Parent’s Bill of Rights. You may have seen this in a recent blog post at Thrive, but during this episode Jennifer and Heidi will dive … Read More

Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 40: There’s No Place Like Home:

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

On this week’s episode of the Tube to Table podcast, Heidi and Jennifer are talking about the “where” of tube weaning. Where should tube weaning take place? What are the pros and cons to different weaning settings? They’ll answer all … Read More

The Thrive Parent’s Bill of Rights for Feeding Therapy

By: Jennifer Berry, MS, OT/L

When it comes to learning to eat, the parent and the child are inextricably linked. Feeling safe and connected is at the core of eating, and should also be at the core of all feeding therapies that are aimed at helping your child overcome their … Read More

Episode 39: A Parent’s Perspective: Noelle’s Story

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

Welcome back to another episode of Tube to Table! We are so excited to have another episode as part of our “Parent’s Perspective” series. This week we are joined by Jessica & Chris, whose daughter, Noelle, went through the Thrive … Read More