Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 25: Comfort vs. Compliance

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

In this week’s episode, your hosts Jennifer and Heidi, will discuss the difference between when children find comfort in eating vs. eating for compliance. It can be very difficult for families to identify if the success they are seeing is … Read More

Five Tips to Keep in Mind This Holiday Season

By: Danielle Campion, MS

1. Focus on creating memories: Big meals, ginger snaps, and eggnog may be a part of the holiday season, but for most it is not these foods that make the holidays so special. It is the “togetherness” and the time … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 23: The Scoop on Poop

That’s right, we are talking about all things poop in this week’s episode. This includes constipation, poop patterns while weaning, and everything else that comes into play when weaning your child off their feeding tube. This is an important topic … Read More


Tube To Table Podcast: Episode 22: All The Feelings

It’s the start to the holiday season and although that brings joy, it also brings many other feelings! The holidays are a time that can bring back ALL of the feelings, good and bad. This topic can be a difficult one for … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 21: Winning the War Against Insurance

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

This week’s episode discusses a topic that can cause stress and anxiety for many families. The insurance battle. Where do you start? How do you start? What information do you need? Jennifer and Heidi will walk you through the important steps … Read More


Dear Grown-Ups: Don’t be a Turkey on Thanksgiving

By: Jennifer Berry, MS, OT/L

9 Ways to Keep the Holiday Enjoyable for Kids and the Whole Family Focus on the togetherness: What goes in your little one’s mouth or belly isn’t the point of this holiday and shouldn’t be the focus of any meal. Shift … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 20: Getting Real About Reflux

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

In this week’s episode, we are getting REAL about reflux. Why are we talking about reflux? It affects so many children throughout their feeding tube journey, whether they had reflux before the tube or after tube placement. It also impacts … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 18: Celebrations!

Happy Halloween! It’s time for a celebration!! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even a birthday party. These are all exciting celebrations in families that are a time to be together as a family and enjoy each other’s company. For tube-fed children, … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 17: Out of Order

When you hear the words “oral motor therapy” what comes to mind? Has this been a recommendation for your child? When is it appropriate? This week’s episode of the Tube to Table podcast will answer all of these questions and more. Your … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 16: Nibbles and Bits

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

Picture this: You’re starting a tube wean and you’re at the grocery store…what do you buy? On this week’s episode of the Tube to Table Podcast, Heidi and Jennifer are discussing a topic that is on every parent’s mind when … Read More