Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 26: A Parent’s Perspective: Benji’s Story

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

We are so excited for this week’s episode, which marks the start of our series “A Parent’s Perspective”. The Tube to Table podcast will be featuring parents and families who have gone through our Tube Weaning program and can share … Read More

Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 25: Comfort vs. Compliance

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

In this week’s episode, your hosts Jennifer and Heidi, will discuss the difference between when children find comfort in eating vs. eating for compliance. It can be very difficult for families to identify if the success they are seeing is … Read More

Five Tips to Keep in Mind This Holiday Season

By: Danielle Campion, MS

1. Focus on creating memories: Big meals, ginger snaps, and eggnog may be a part of the holiday season, but for most it is not these foods that make the holidays so special. It is the “togetherness” and the time … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 24: How We See Ourselves

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

It’s the holiday season, which means a lot of talk about food! This can often lead to more “food noise” around parents and their children. In this week’s episode, we are discussing our own food noise as parents and how … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 20: Getting Real About Reflux

By: Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP

In this week’s episode, we are getting REAL about reflux. Why are we talking about reflux? It affects so many children throughout their feeding tube journey, whether they had reflux before the tube or after tube placement. It also impacts … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 18: Celebrations!

Happy Halloween! It’s time for a celebration!! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even a birthday party. These are all exciting celebrations in families that are a time to be together as a family and enjoy each other’s company. For tube-fed children, … Read More


Tube to Table Podcast: Episode 17: Out of Order

When you hear the words “oral motor therapy” what comes to mind? Has this been a recommendation for your child? When is it appropriate? This week’s episode of the Tube to Table podcast will answer all of these questions and more. Your … Read More


Adding Fuel to the Fire

By: Heidi Liefer Moreland, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CLC

When you have a child with a feeding problem, it can be very difficult to find people who understand how tough it is, and how pervasive the fear and pressure can be. It is tempting to talk about the problem … Read More


Sous Chef for Valentine’s Day: How Your Tube-Fed Child Can Help!

Often times, parents of tube-fed children report that it is difficult for their child to participate in holidays that have delicious treats such as Valentine’s Day or Halloween. Yes, of course, Valentine’s Day is full of yummy chocolate and candies, … Read More


The History of My Eating

By: Evie Morse, Age 11, Feeding Superstar Most kids can quickly be born and start eating grown up foods, but not me! My mom was very sick. The doctor demanded that she should have me now, and she’d survive. It … Read More