Spectrum Pediatrics is honored to announce that our Feeding Tube Weaning Program was recently featured in the New York Times Magazine.  Virginia Sole-Smith wrote a deeply personal article entitled, “When Your Baby Won’t Eat.”  She bravely shares her family’s journey to help her daughter, Violet, become tube-free and learn to enjoy a healthy relationship with food.  Virginia describes the groundbreaking approach, developed by the owner, Jennifer Berry, OTR/L, that includes using hunger, self-regulation, and play to help children learn how to eat once again.  Please click on the link HERE to read about Virginia and Violet’s journey back to typical mealtimes at the family table with the guidance of the amazing tube-weaning team here at Spectrum Pediatrics.

Following the outpouring of emotions and comments of many families in reaction to her New York Times article, Virginia Sole-Smith provided more information for parents on her personal blog.  In this follow-up article, Virginia shares numerous resources that she found empowering and beneficial when teaching her daughter how to eat again.  Her list of resources can be found HERE, and we are so thankful to be included.

At Spectrum Pediatrics, we hope that we can continue to lovingly help children and their parents around the world transition from feeding tube to the family table.

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