Family Mealtime Coaching

Please see below for your 3 options regarding family mealtime coaching

Jump Start – Initial consult and coaching session

  • Review of submitted pre-planning materials
  • Initial phone call to discuss mealtime challenges
  • Coaching and mealtime strategies that are evidenced-based and family friendly
  • Additional tips for applying suggestions to family specific situations
  • Detailed follow-up email to summarize discussion
  • Targeted reference materials and resources that support or explain strategies
  • Materials to share with medical team or family members
  • 2 follow up phone calls to address progress, challenges, and modifications
Ongoing Support
  • Follow up to initial consultation and materials
  • Weekly in-person phone support
  • Monthly team rounds with expert discussion regarding your specific situation
  • Additional resources

Intensive In-Person Coaching

  • Remote preparation for child and family via email/phone calls with Thrive team
  • 5 Day intense coaching with in-person, expert support at mealtimes
  • Realistic and evidence-based mealtime strategies
  • Parental coaching throughout to build competence and ensure future success
  • 6 months of remote follow-up to ensure ongoing success