Feeding Therapy


The Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics team uses their decades of experience providing evidenced-based strategies to help children overcome their feeding challenges and become the little eaters they were meant to be.

Feeding Therapy

  • Expert assessment to identify factors impacting the childs eating.
  • Individualized plan with evidenced-based strategies.
  • A packet of child and family-specific resources.
  • A written report with supporting scientific evidence to be used as a teaching
  • A follow-up consultation to discuss findings and teach parents about the carryover suggestions.

Ongoing Support

    • Ongoing Support.
    • Regular in-person or remote work with children and their families.
    • Periodic reassessment.

Intensive Therapy

  • Remote preparation for child and family via email/phone calls with Thrive team.
  • 10 Day Intense Therapy with in-person, expert support at mealtimes.
  • Collaboration with Thrive affiliated Dietitian.
  • Parental coaching throughout to build competence and ensure future success.
  • 6 months of remote follow-up to ensure ongoing success.
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