We are featuring two “Good Reads” for February that we hope you will find helpful. Each month, we will post a few articles, books, or resources that we find helpful and often recommend to families.

Extreme Picky Eating: Essentials of Helping a Child with Extreme Picky Eating

Our friends over at Extreme Picky Eating, created this PDF that summarizes different ways to help a child who is a picky eater. This is an easy, parent-friendly, and downloadable document that you can use for yourself, for teachers, or for other caregivers. Parents often report that it can be stressful to attempt to explain their child’s feeding difficulties with friends or family members. This document provides concise information in a parent-friendly way! Check out the PDF here!

Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation

This foundation provides parents and families with resources for children who are new to a tube, children who are transitioning to school with a tube, and so much more. We often use many of their resources to help families while navigating through the start of tube use, transitions, and while weaning. One of our favorite resources on their website is the Parent Guide. This guide is available in English and Spanish. This parent guide was created by a parent and breaks down all of the things that parents “wish they knew” when the feeding tube first became a part of their life. This includes words of encouragement, myths and facts about tube feeding, questions to ask, and the transition to tube feedings at home. This is also available in a PDF download. We also found this very helpful for parents to use as a way to help them teach their friends, family, and caregivers about the feeding tube. Learn more here!


Stay tuned next month for our Good Reads for March!

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