By: Jennifer Berry, MS, OT/L and Heidi Moreland, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CLC
Overcoming Feeding Aversion and Feeding Tube Dependency. Created by Jennifer Berry and Heidi Moreland

Over the years we have met many families who have gone to great lengths to help their children overcome feeding challenges, feeding aversions, and feeding tube dependency.  Often, they have tried every known strategy available to them and have seen numerous specialists. By the time they reach us they are understandably worried and exhausted by the efforts and lack of progress.  One thing that is clear when we step back and look at most of these journeys is that the treatment options and strategies that they have tried failed to address some of the most fundamental parts of learning to eat well.  

Unfortunately, we find that common therapies and recommendations from family, friends, and doctors skip some essential components of healthy mealtimes that are absolutely necessary when recovering from feeding challenges.  It isn’t surprising that the kids are still struggling, the parents are frustrated or forlorn, and the professionals working with them are puzzled, despite the most loving and valiant efforts of everyone.

In order to provide guidance and support, Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics has created an infographic to help families make sense of this journey and put their activities and expectations in the proper order.  This pyramid paradigm is essential to keep in mind for children and families as they move towards the freedom that comes with a healthy relationship with food.  First things first. 

For more detailed information about the steps to this pyramid, see our recent blog post and listen to our Tube To Table Podcast, Episode 6: First Things First

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